Top Water Softener Reviews : Fleck, Culligan, and Pelican Brand Reviews

ffA good home or office water softener can help improve the quality of tap water and even help preserve a plumbing system. People who want to purchase one of these may be confused in their search to find the right brand. Before making an investment in the right water treatment system, consider some reviews of top brands. We recommend Water Softener Pro for more in-depth water filter and water softener reviews.

Fleck, Culligan, and Pelican Brand Reviews

The Fleck: The positive reviews about this water softener include the fact that it allows a very good water flow. It also is up to the job of handling pretty contamination. One reviewer said that their home had very heavy iron levels, and the Fleck could do the job. The negative opinions were mainly based on the fact that the automated programming is hard to figure out, so it had to get manually turned on and off. More here.

The Culligan: Again, the Culligan home water softener system got good reviews for being able to filter out heavy iron levels in household water. The company also provides very good service with full instructions and an offer of personal contact information for customers who have problems with their water system. Other reviewers said that this unit was a good value for the money, and they felt as if it matched the performance of much more expensive systems. Culligan is a brand that has been in the water treatment business for a long time, and they do demonstrate that with the quality of service. More here.

The Pelican: Pelican is a bit pricier of a home or office water softer system, so this might be considered. It is a salt-free system, and that makes it different than most other companies that use salt for water softening. Reviewers expressed some frustration with the ability of the Pelican to reduce water contamination as well as they thought that it should for the high price.

Which Water Softener Is Best?

The Fleck and Culligan models are cheaper and have overall higher ratings. People who want a salt-free system might be better off considering the Pelican. But it might not be the right choice when the water supply has a lot of contamination from iron or other heavy contaminants. Some people had issues figuring out how to set the Fleck. The good thing is that the Pelican is easier to install, but Culligan seems to provide plenty of support.

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